What sweet truths echo
in this life when we
discover what is profound
and sublime - in this
infinite expanse.
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Welcome to the Mindfulness Training Course

An online course of two modules, eight weeks per module

Many people find it hard to cope with the stress and issues of daily life.

Others wish to explore in practical ways their inner life and their relationship to the world around.

Based on the Buddha’s teachings, MTC shows the immense value of mindfulness as a tool for reduction of stress, inner peace and cultivation of a wise approach to varying circumstances. 

The course comprehensively covers important aspects of a modern life. The course consists of two modules. Each module lasts for eight weeks. You can join the first module and then go onto the second module. You re-register again for the second module.

Each participants is offered support from their own personal mentor. 

We have around 25 mentors from around the world, and students with mentors from more than a dozen countries.

Each participant will be allocated a mentor for weekly support, offered a manual to work with, and pointed to links for audio recordings for guidance and instruction in meditation as well as online Dharma talks.

You can join the Mindfulness Training Course at anytime. To join today, see the Menu on the left hand side of the home page and go to Registration.

Mindfulness Training Course (MTC)

Mindfulness Training Course gives support to our daily life situations.  The programme will serve for some as a significant bridge between retreats and daily life. Our Course is suitable for beginners and those with experience of mindfulness/meditation.

Cost for MTC

The Mindfulness Training Program is supported by a single registration fee for each module. We also welcome donations of participants towards the mentors All the mentors offer their time freely and make every effort to support you in your process through the course. We use a sliding scale for registration, in relation to each participants finances. The eight week per module cost is:

  • 135 Euros or 110 GB Pounds – for those who wish to pay the top rate
  • 115 Euros or 95 GB Pounds – for those who have a regular income.
  • 85 Euros or 70 GB Pounds – for those on little income.
  • 110 GB Pounds - $160 (US) top rate
  • 95 GB Pouunds -  $140 (US) regular income
  • 70 GB Pounds -  $105 (US)little income

To know how much this is in your currency visit xe.com

If you wish to join the Course, please visit How to Join. Please read through the site, using the left side menu bar, to navigate to different sections

We look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Titmuss

Anne Ashton
International Coordinator



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